Our products have over 30 years proof.

We have recently (since Platt Monfort's passing)  received several emails and letters by companies and individuals threatening to develop a competing product and insisting on us giving them the formulation claiming that it is in the public domain or that it isn't rocket science to develop.

Bluewateraccess Yachts, LLC purchased the rights, formulations and manufacturing equipment from Platt and Bette in October of 2004.  We are currently manufacturing and shipping Fer-A-Lite brand mortar mix.  

  We are seeking distributors and commercial users of our product, in addition we are looking for a manufacturing partner for our other product "Wire Plank".  Although we also purchased the rights to this material, the manufacturing equipment was sold prior and is not in commercial operation. 

Interested parties please contact Darr Palmer 813-918-1447 or to discuss this opportunity.

Our product formulation is proven by over 30 years of usage, several Fer-A-Lite hulls have been inspected with over two decades of  continuous immersion. 

So as these imitators come to market, you may want to ask yourself:  

"Do I want to be the guinea pig for this new product, or do I want to use Fer-A-Lite with over thirty years of proof in applications in the marine industry?"

Over the years Fer-A-Lite brand Mortar mix has been used for the following:

New hull construction  (12' to over 100')
salvage old wood hulls (sheathing)
repair or improve existing Ferro-cement hulls (sheathing)
salvage old steel hulls (sheathing)
in place replacement (sistering) of old frames and knees
structural filler
and the list goes on.....

And remember, Fer-A-Lite hulls laugh at things that go bump in the night!

click here for video showing strength of Fer-A-Lite

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