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This light weight material was introduced to revolutionize Custom and Home boat building. Now offering personal protection pods for any natural disaster. Goto www.smallyachts.com for more information.

FER-A-LITE refers to a system based upon a thermosetting polyester resin plus additives custom tailored for the requirements of boat hulls constructed with steel reinforcement.


A Revolution in Ferro Construction Digital Edition

Most Ferro-mortar boats have been compromise designs considering the penalty carried by excessive weight. The results vary between boats with insufficient righting moment to efficiently carry sail, to boats floating way below their water line. FER-A-LITE Synthetic Mortar combined with WIRE-PLANK system produces a new material with weight comparable to aluminum.


The light weight cohesive consistency of the mixed FER-A-LITE Synthetic Mortar makes it easy to work into the wire mesh armature without leaving voids. The fact that this mortar forms an excellent bond to itself allows one to apply the mortar to the hull in easy increments. This eliminates the terrible pressure and the "Panic Party" of plastering the entire hull in one day.


The very critical moist cure of Portland cement is replaced by an overnight air cure with 90% of physical properties reached in one week. Optimum working temperatures are from 50-70 degrees F., but never below freezing.

Never attempt plastering FER-A-LITE Synthetic Mortar in direct sunlight. In a hot climate, the plastering should be done in the evening, allowing the material to cure over night in a cool environment.

Below is a link to a beautiful Endurance 45 with a ferro hull, when the hull needed repairs they trusted Fer-A-Lite to rebuild this beauty www.beautiful45footsailboatforsale.com

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